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A Blessing Okoro Original

THEY TOLD US TO DREAM the dreamer’s digest.

Blessing’s They Told Us To Dream is a masterpiece and contains original content from Author and Author only.


Blessing is an advocate of dream actualisation who, from a young age, has remained passionate about inspiring great minds to achieve laudable strides within their unique spheres of influence. She writes, blogs, speaks and laughs exhaustively.

“I believe every youthful dreamer should have this book in their library, like I do. It gives a candid personal account of the metabolism of dreams, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and profound Biblical texts. Blessing’s life is a testament to the potency of dreams, and proves that young people across the world can better their lot and that of their communities at large when dreams are combined with action.”

John Okoro, Non-Executive Chairman, Think Possibilities Group

About The Author

Blessing Okoro is an inspired writer, speaker and blogger who enjoys the soothing feel of words in form of quotes, poems, inspirational write-ups and Christian literature.

She has written consistently since the day she started blogging on her hostel bed in Covenant University in 2013. She can categorically state that the power of consistent writing had helped her a great deal in becoming the refined Writer she is today by God’s grace.

In terms of work experience, she has worked over the last three years as a Management Consultant and an Auditor in two international professional services firms. She is currently an IMBA student in France and remains passionate about gleaning an international corporate experience.

Blessing is blessed with an awesome family and believes strongly that family is important.


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“This is a great book packed with truths that have been simplified for easy read. I love the poems and your personal stories. Thank you, this came in handy.”

Tobi Mbaya, Chief Consultant, the Early Years Legacy and Fulfilled Dreamer

“It is a powerful book of deliverance. I see it releasing people to dream big dreams and live fulfilling lives.”

Tessa Doghor, a Jesus lover, fulfilled dreamer and Social Media Lead at Business Day, Nigeria

What's Inside The Book

Do you live a dream-filled life?

If your answer is yes, then this book is for you!

They Told Us To Dream is written for the dreamer – you – who is ready for the realities of his dream as he journeys along the path towards actualisation. In this unique book, the author shares her inspiring experiences in order to present the real meaning of living a dream-filled life and achieving the dream in grand style. You will discover the following in the pages of this book:

  • Timeless principles with which you can achieve your dreams per time.
  • Nuggets of wisdom told using experiences which will challenge and encourage you.
  • Original poems and quotes written to inspire you.

So, whether your dream came to you at the age of 10 or you only caught a glimpse of a dream after reading the question above, you are nevertheless a dreamer who will greatly benefit from reading this book.

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By Blessing Okoro

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